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Who We Are


What We Are About
At TNH Outdoors we are about serving people through our products, inspiring people through our adventures, and reflecting on the preservation of nature through sustainability.


Serve People
Through our easy and comfortable products, outstanding customer service and intriguing content.


Inspire Adventure
By sharing our adventures in the wild, in business, and in life.


Reduce Waste
By striving for resource reduction in every aspect of our business.


What We Believe

We believe in building a culture that throws rocks at the status quo and at corporate-minded, impersonal relationships with our customers and with each other. We believe we can connect with every one of our customers to help them on their journey to greatness.

We believe that if we put our customers first no matter what, they will in turn help make us successful in our mission.

We believe money is simply a tool to accomplish our mission to reduce waste for this generation and sustain the next.

We believe life is more than money and comfort. Therefore, we don’t believe in “cashing out” or “retiring by the lake”. Those thoughts are the enemy.

We believe that every adventure is created equally and weather your scale Mount Everest or hike your local trail, we want to hear your story.

We believe we all have a legacy of adventure to live and leave behind. Are you ready for the adventure?


How It All Began

Hi my name is Richard and I am a TNH Outdoors cofounder, I am self-confessed sustainability warrior and outdoorsman. Che my Co-Founder and I met working in corporate environmental management roles in Australia in 2011.

We bonded over our love for the outdoors and nature.

At the time I was working on a groundwater project with many stakeholders, I would have met and engaged with well over 500 landholders. Then suddenly the public opinion changed and

my world seemed to come crashing down on me.

There was huge backlash and my position in the community was greatly tested and pushed to the limit. I had to receive counseling for the emotional trauma it caused. The media was ruthless on us and even some politicians chimed in to rub salt into the wounds.

However, I always believe that when 1 door shuts 10 open and this was no different. There was a light bulb moment or epiphany and I decided that I had to be in greater control of the positive impact I could make on the world and in particular on the environment. So, when Che approached my and asked “Do you want to start a business”

I knew the audience we had to serve was the outdoors community.  

The one thing we had to do, we create lasting change in an ever changing world.  From this moment in time, we (TNH Outdoors) began. With an ethos and mindset of

‘Rethink. Reduce. Reuse.’

TNH Outdoors looks at ways to reduce waste in the environment.

The first step has been by providing biodegradable plastic packaging on all of their products. Whilst this seems like a small step, currently

100 billion plastic bags

pass through the hands of U.S. consumers every year almost one bag per person each day. Laid end-to-end, they could circle the equator 1,330 times.
Incredibly sad facts such as this one, drive us to continuously innovate our line of TNH Outdoors’ quality camping gear and have it provided to your door in ways that minimize the impact on the environment.

It was at this time that the TNH Outdoors Rethink, Reduce and Reuse mission was publicly coined and we have achieved the following results; 

✔️Donation of $50,000 worth of gear to Scouts America

✔️Close to 100,000 product sold in our first 24 months of business

✔️Developing a full suite of innovative camping gear

✔️And... 50,000 Biodegradable bags and the opportunity to create cultural change.

That's why we are so passionate about sharing our camping gear, so that you too can be part of the sustainable change that cannot be forged without you. I believe that biodegradable bags are just a metaphor or a trigger and  

that trigger is Rethink

We at TNH Outdoors are only want to be the catalyst for change, the outdoors community will be the mission and need to foster this message. It is our duty to educate, inform and empower people with new knowledge and tactics to reduce their and their peer's impact on the earth.


Richard Greenup

TNH Outdoors Co-Founder



Meet The Founders

Richard has an Honors degree in Environmental Management majoring in Sustainable Development. His training has driven his passion and almost psychotic dislike for waste and unnecessary resource consumption. Richard brings a strong passion for making sure the team will make a difference.


Che a father of two has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Natural Sciences. A lifetime of excursions into the remote back country of Australia and New Zealand inspired his passion for developing fit for purpose products for other campers and hikers on the trail. 



Easy and comfortable outdoors experiences:

The passions of Co-Founders, remain the cornerstone of the TNH Outdoors business today. In conjunction with innovative design and exceptional customer service, TNH Outdoors offers premium-quality camping gear for men and women that complement today's modern outdoor lifestyle.

With respect to environmental stewardship, knowledge has very little value without application, and the TNH Outdoors team have over 20 years of combined experience working in the environmental field.