Our Reason Why





TNH Outdoors was founded in 2015 on the back of the two clear passions that we Co-Founders - Richard and Che - similarly share. Having both grown up with the wilderness at our back door and both being experienced outdoor enthusiasts, we understand what makes quality gear and how important it is when you rely on it for your outdoor adventure away from civilization. You cannot afford to have gear that lets you down in the wild! So, we aim to continually innovate and improve our products in response to feedback from our supportive customers, and that means you.

Secondly, we share a passion for sustainability, and this extends to our company ethos. We are so frustrated by unnecessary consumer waste! When you purchase anything in the modern era the packaging that goes to waste weighs just as much as the product itself, even with what we know about landfill and consumerism today. Trained as environmental scientists with over 20 years of experience in our field, we believe better decisions and demonstrating the change is the collective responsibility of companies and consumers alike. This defines the environmental message contained within our mission.

We are enforcing our vision by reducing our own packaging, ensuring it is both minimalist and biodegradable. We also ensure sustainable choices in our supply chain and material selection process before we send our products out to you as the end consumer. You can see these updates in our social media messaging as our company grows.

We have big plans to influence the way that other companies view product packaging, resource selection, and waste generation. You can also choose to support better outcomes with smart choices, in order to preserve our natural world for future generations. These are mere steps that help us to arrive at our long-term goal;


This goal is essentially a metaphor for the empowerment of better choices. But these are changes we can only drive with your support. The world today is rapidly exploiting resources and creating unnecessary waste - this is a change that can only start with you. You clearly appreciate the environment and the wilderness and realize that the two go hand in hand. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading about what we stand for.

We believe that we can have a positive impact on the consumerism crisis, helping influence smarter behavior by other companies using excessive packaging which goes to landfill and rapidly depletes resources. We want to share our ideas to create a low waste world where the choice starts at the company, making it easy for the consumer. We want to collaborate and work with others. This is the fuel for our long-term goal, and it is now much more achievable in our highly social, internet based world.

So on your next excursion to the wild, please remember to pack TNH Outdoors and leave only your footprints behind.


Biodegradable Product Packaging 

Starting in May 2017 TNH Outdoors will be rolling out their landfill friendly packaging solution. This has the immediate impact of reduced waste and increases our natural systems ability to handle this type of waste stream. It also encourages people to stop and think about their own waste disposal habits. We want to challenge people to"rethink, reduce and reuse" and we have written this on the packaging to help. An everyday example of this could be simply taking your TNH Outdoors packaging to the shops and collecting your groceries in it or another reusable bag. We at TNH Outdoors are never going to create the change towards a more sustainable future on our own, we need you as outdoor men and women to ambassador this change with smarter choices.   





Meet The Team

Richard, Co-Founder

Richard has an Honors degree in Environmental Management majoring in Sustainable Development. His training has driven his passion and almost psychotic dislike for waste and unnecessary resource consumption. Richard brings a strong passion for making sure the team will make a difference.

Che, Co-Founder

Che has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Natural Sciences. A lifetime of excursions into the remote back country of Australia and New Zealand inspired his passion for developing fit for purpose products for other campers and hikers on the trail.


Innovation, quality and an appreciation of the outdoors:

The passions of Co-Founders, remain the cornerstone of the TNH Outdoors business today. In conjunction with innovative design and exceptional customer service, TNH Outdoors offers premium-quality camping gear for men and women that complement today's modern outdoor lifestyle.

With respect to environmental stewardship, knowledge has very little value without application, and the TNH Outdoors team have over 20 years combined experience working in the environmental field.

There has always been one problem; they always wanted to do something bigger and have a positive impact in this world. They believe they have the skills and application to lead the next generation of intelligent and environmentally conscious outdoorsmen and women to be the change, so let the change start with you.