Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

Are my payments and credit card details safe? Our website is hosted by shopify which has one of the most secure payment platforms available.  

Which logistics company sends my order? Your product will be fulfilled by amazon with their fast and reliable logistics. 

Why do you offer a bigger discount and sometimes lower prices on your website than other marketplaces? With little to no commission on our own site, we can offer you better deals.    

What is the best way to contact you? You can reach out directly to Grace at grace@tnhoutdoors or via the contact form. 


How long are each of the straps that come with the hammock?
Each of the straps are 9 foot long and come with 15 hitch points each. 

Self Inflating Foam Pads 


Tent Stakes


Phone Pouch


Compact Dual Baffle Pad


Sleeping Bag


What is your warranty?

It means that if there are any manufacturing defects or problems that aren't as a result of normal wear and tear, we will refund you. Faulty items or manufacturing defects are all covered under the warranty.