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Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Extra Large

    • The TNH Outdoors Self Inflating Pad delivers more warmth and comfort per ounce than any other three-season self-inflating pad available. Our unique air to foam design delivers the performance with minimal weight and less bulk than a basketball. Softer fabrics bring better next-to-skin comfort and a boost in durability, all with no added weight. For the keen hiker, car camper, thru-hiker or backcountry bandit who's looking for a little more comfort, there is simply no better choice to assure the kind of rest you need to enjoy tomorrow. Stuff sack and repair kit included.

      • Easy Inflation: Turn the valve, let the pad equalize to atmospheric pressure and add a couple of quick breaths to your desired comfort.
      • Warm: Our advanced design traps radiant heat while the mummy construction minimizes convective heat loss–all without the bulk, weight or durability issues of down fills.
      • Comfortable: 1.5” (3.75 cm)-thickness, soft-touch fabrics and internal structure provide unrivaled stability and support.
      • Ultra-Packable:Low-bulk materials make The TNH Outdoors Self Inflating Pad mattress the most compact ever – as packable as they come.

  • Regular


    Intended Use

    Car Camping & Backpacking

    Car Camping & Backpacking


    Light Blue & Grey

    Light Blue & Grey




    Weight (Standard)


    2.65 lbs

    Weight (Metric)


    1.2 kg

    Width (Standard)

    22 inches

    29.5 inches at its widest side

    23.6 inches at its narrowest side

    Width (Metric)

    55.9 cm

    74.9 cm at its widest side

    60 cm at its narrowest side

    Length (Standard)

    72 inches

    74.8 inches

    Length (Metric)


    190 cm

    Thickness (Standard)

    1.5 inches

    1.8 inches

    Thickness (Metric)

    3.8 cm

    4.57 cm

    Packed dimension (Metric)


    20.3*35.3*16.2 cm

    Packed dimension (Standard)

    9.8*15.9*6.5 inches

    8*13.9*6.4 inches

    Top fabric type

    PVC Coating for Sealant

    PVC Coating for Sealant

    Bottom fabric type

    210T Polyester Pongee

    210T Polyester Pongee



    Foam 21 kg/m3

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    Nice XL Pad

    I received my self-inflating sleeping pad and man is this this plush. I had previously slept on a blow up style mattress that didn't offer any padding and would constantly wake up with my hips on the ground. Well not any more. This pad will go with me from now on when I'm not trying to go ultralight. This would also made a good pad for sleeping in the house as it adds a ton of comfort to any sleeping bag. I can wait to try it out on my next adventure.


    Five stars

    The pad is well constructed. The construction is similar to my old Thermarest Trail Pro, which I will use as my regular comparison. Unlike the Trail Pro, which self-inflates when the valve is opened, it is encouraged you blow into this one a bit to help it loft. It appears to be filled with a single, perforated sheet of foam. The mattress lofts about an inch thick, which is slightly thicker overall. Still, I tossed various items underneath the pad and laid upon it, and it did a fine job shielding me from them considering how thin it seems. This is the XL pad, and the extra width is extravagant. It's a little heavy and packs a bit big for many backpackers, but some pads feel more like spine mats, hardly spanning my shoulders. This one keeps my arms fully off the ground when I am on my back at rest, and it's easy to stay on the pad even as I roll around on my sides. All in all, this seems like a very good pad considering the price point, and will make an excellent piece of loner gear for friends who aren't well equipped.


    Great job

    We own 3 of the standard sizes, now we have one for each member of the family. We have also recommended these to others as well. They are a great bargain and a very welcome addition to our camping kit. Now it’s nice to have one that fits me! Thanks again, you guys are doing a great job.


    Great pad!

    Finally, a sleeping pad for full size campers! I can actually roll around during the night and not fall off the pad.


    Great comfort and size for the price!

    Like it's smaller cousin, this is a great pad for camping! Inflating/deflating is really simple. I have smaller/lighter pads for backpacking but I prefer to sleep on this.