So, when remodeling our current parachute camping hammock, we decided to improve upon our original thicker taffeta nylon design and we have added reflective thread into our tree straps. Learn more click > read more. 

This is a shout out to all the good times that you can have with a camping hammock. The one word I think of when it comes to relaxation.

I think of it as the laziest we product we have and laziness represents a sense of freedom

Do not be caught out this winter, take these 3 little steps and be more prepared to enjoy the outdoors in any condition.

Being prepared for you and your family is very important and sometimes can be really stressful.

So why am I talking about solo hiking? Well look, a friend asked me recently ‘what was up’ with all of my solo expeditions through the wilderness (let’s just say this stemmed from a snapchat I sent of me laughing manically while I ran across a very rocky mountain ridge) and why I would put myself in such danger of doing so alone. There are a lot of articles out there (I won’t name names, but some are good, some are bad) that touch on both the physical and psychological gains of being a solo hiker. If you enjoy a good solo hike like me, you will probably resonate with the reasons as to why I love solo hiking below.

You can call me an outdoorsman. In the same breath, you can also call me a conservationist. But I didn't just become this person. It has taken many years to craft these values and in turn, my unique way of thinking. But isn't that the reason why we are all unique as individuals? Our life experiences?From a young age and right through my upbringing; outdoor pursuits have consumed a large portion of my recreational time.  Trekking through the mountains through to exploring wave swept coastlines - I very much developed a...