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How to hang the perfect hammock: 5 tips to stop you from falling

July 13, 2018

I confess, ever since the 'camping hammock' trend came out, I've been a fan - I'm not just talking using them, I'm saying, on occasion, they've replaced my tent and entire sleep system. And guess what? A while ago, when setting up my hammock in the woods, I fell out of mine.

I didn't know it at the time, but I was about to embark on an educational journey - one that would begin with some awful hammocking advice and potential consequences but I ultimately lead me to a discovery and I have to say, my set up, is much safer than the status quo when it comes to hammocking. 

I will get to the great discovery soon, but first the bad advice

Many hammock retailers, YouTubers and "experts" explained untested ways to hang hammocks and really poor quality hammocks. From incorrect maths to suggesting products with bad materials, it was a mixing pot that created a bad recipe and what you'll pull out of the oven is a broken tailbone.

You and I both know gravity can be your enemy there's no denying it. There needs to be a degree caution and care when hanging a hammock - especially if it's for the enjoyment of someone else (a family member, your children, friends etc).

Determined to find an easy and digestible solution for our customers, I immersed myself in online research until I found the holy grail of Hammocking "The Ulitmate Hang" one of the worlds most visited hammock website (if not the most). 

But do not fear, the solution is not rocket science - I have a simple 5 step solution for you with a few simple tips to help you be both setup and safe in seconds with a reliable hammocking system. 

Your 5 steps to success 

1. Find strong and mature trees: 

Do not choose younger and weak trees. Besides being bad for the trees, you need mature trees to hang your reflective straps around for ensured reinforced strength and security.

Think of this as the foundation of your house, it needs to be strong and secure for safety and overall comfort. 

2. Know your numbers 

Start with simple numbers 

    • The trees are ~15ft apart
    • Hang the straps ~70 inches from the ground 
    • Have a 30% angle from the tree 
    • Start at about 1:20 in the video below to find the numbers


3. Strap in for safety  

Your hammock straps typically will come with 15 hitch points and you can adjust them accordingly, to get your desire comfort and tension. Typically the more tension (hitch point closer to the tree), the higher off the ground you will be and there will also be less slack in the hammock. 

Our hammock tree straps are interwoven to create the strength needed to support up to 400 lbs safely. Please be careful if other brands or experts state "1,000 lbs ratings or they trick you with 2x each strap, for example, 800lb rating 400 x 2 straps, often times these are just gimmicks. We have made sure that 400lb was the safe limit with a very conservative factor.

Our product developer and co-founder Che, has children and they enjoy time in the TNH Outdoors hammock system, you can see them pictured below with their furry friend.  


   4. Will it hold my weight? 

 As I mentioned at the start, safety is very important please remember that you are in suspension. I would strongly recommend not buying a poor quality hammock for this reason. Quality Hammocks need to have 70D Nylon material to be considered safe and you need to have a 400lb capacity set up. 

This video will demonstrate some very important safety features of your camping hammock. 


5. Hammock Comfort

Once you have safely set up your camping hammock, you can now think about comfort and relaxation.

One of my bed bugs (pardon the pun) when using a camping hammock is leaving my neck in suspension, so I like to carry an inflatable camping pillow to help combat this. Also, you can lay diagonally across the hammock to avoid the burrito effect.

Product developer and co-founder Che has children and they enjoy time in the TNH Outdoors hammock system

After I'd conducted extensive research that helped create these videos, I received great feedback from our customers and general online users, stating how much my videos had helped and how they appreciated that TNH Outdoors valued their (your) safety. 

The Ultimate Hang 

As mentioned previously I researched far and wide for this and in the process created a relationship with The Ultimate Hang. The creator Derek had this to say about our hammock after he reviewed it on his website 

One of the best prices for an open, gathered-end hammock for general recreational use.

I must admit we were a little proud when a leading authority on hammocking wrote that about us. 

The Best Part

And the best part is if the TNH Outdoors Hammock system does not work for you there's a money-back guarantee so you don't have to worry. And you are anything like Derek, you will consider it money very well spent.

Follow this link and use the code ham10 to get 10% off your camping hammock today!

 Expert Review Of The TNH Outdoors Hammock System 

The hammock system was put to an extreme test

  1. Critical weight capacity, 
  2. Wind / water and even
  3. Fireworks. 

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